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Boise Kind Day: June 22, 2019

Boise Kind Day was a huge success, with over 700 volunteers at eight sites throughout the city. Volunteers did everything from spread bark and mulch, install new picnic tables and remove goatheads from the foothills. Thank you Boise for an incredible day!





Three people take dirt and put it into a wheelbarrow


A woman shows two young girls plans in a flower bed


Group at base of trail heading up a hill


Large group of people smiling for the camera


Large group of people smiling for the camera


Looking down a hill with a dirt trail at people along the side pulling weeds


Share Your Boise Kind Moments

  • Snap a photo of your own Boise Kind moment and share it on social media using #BoiseKind
  • Submit a Boise Kind moment you’ve shared, experienced or witnessed 

If you have any questions about Boise Kind Day, please contact the Office of Community Engagement at (208) 972-8500.