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    Acts of Kindness
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    Boise Kind: Seize every opportunity to be caring and generous

    Boise Kind Day

    We know two things to be true: Boiseans are kind and they love their community. Boise Kind Day on Saturday, June 22, was a shining example of both! Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who came out on a beautiful Saturday morning to pick goatheads in the Boise Foothills, spruce up parks and community gardens, and prepare Zoo Boise's newest exhibit, the Gorongosa National Park exhibit, for its grand opening. Boise Kind Day was a success because of you!


    What is Boise Kind?

    Boise Kind is a collaborative initiative between the City of Boise, community members, business leaders and non-profits aimed at protecting and promoting our community’s core values and ensuring that Boise remains a kind and welcoming city.

    It is aimed at:

    • Fostering a kind, welcoming community through encouraging acts of kindness
    • Preserving our core values
    • Helping individuals moving here understand what it means to be a Boisean

    How Boise Kind Started

    At his 2018 State of the City address, Mayor David Bieter proposed the creation of Boise Kind, a community-wide initiative to define and spread the values that make Boise such a wonderful place to live. The Mayor’s proposal was made in response to a growing desire within our community to put aside differences and focus on preserving and fostering the core attributes that bond us together and make Boise such a livable city.

    Mayor Bieter stands on stage with screen behind that reads Kindness and Wonder and a large crowd of people in seats at theatre.

    Boise’s 2018 State of the City Address